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X-mas time is upon us

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Published on: December 19, 2010

Well, had the big family x-mas yesterday and unfortunately I was in attendance. Despite my vow to never attend one of these shindigs again, I was guilted into going by my gramps. He’s good, he’s very good. As per usual, I avoided everyone and everyone avoided me. I’m not complaining, I prefer it this way.[…]

Sorry Ms. Rowling,

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Published on: March 23, 2010

Ooooo, I am for real. Today, I got a call that Ms. Rowling’s lawyers called my IP to tell them I was torrenting her books…and I’m sorry. But she had given me no choice. With my disability, it was the only way I could read them. So really it’s her fault for being so uptight[…]

Readin’ and shit

Did you miss me? Yeah didn’t think so. Of course I don’t care. I’m here for me and me only. So F.Y.M.F.!* Moving on. Still reading, though it’s been slow going since finishing the greatness that is the Harry Potter series. The last two books was pure awesome. Deathly Hallows actually had me crying like[…]

Reading is FUN-damental

Well I finished up the fourth book(Choke Point by Jay MacLarty) in the Simon Leonidovich series and I’m pretty satisfied with how it ended. I was a little put off early when suddenly, without explanation, Simon was no longer involved with his love interest from the previous book. But only temporarily as I soon forgot[…]

Live Wire by Jay MacLarty

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Published on: June 13, 2009

I’ve had this book for ages but for whatever reason, never got around to reading it, despite loving the first 2 books in the Leonidovich series. Reading is almost a chore for me with my hands being all retarded thanks to a nasty case of broken neck. Anyway, I recently bought the Amazon Kindle and[…]

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