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Weekly wrap up

Sis tried to kill herself with a bottle of benadryl. She’s still in the psyche ward on watch. So there’s that. Tayonna attacked staff Thursday yet still got a pass Friday to come home. Not sure how that works. Shockingly she’s been a terror since being here. Reward bad behavior and surprise, she continues being[…]

Readin’ and shit

Did you miss me? Yeah didn’t think so. Of course I don’t care. I’m here for me and me only. So F.Y.M.F.!* Moving on. Still reading, though it’s been slow going since finishing the greatness that is the Harry Potter series. The last two books was pure awesome. Deathly Hallows actually had me crying like[…]

It’s a media bonanza!

It’s been awhile eh? Well you can thank J.K. Rowling and my Kindle. I am now on the 5th Harry Potter book. Yeah, I know. It’s pretty fuckin’ glorious. My favorite thus far is probably The Prisoner of Azkaban with Goblet of Fire running a very close second. That one almost brought a tear to[…]

Still no 360

I’ve still yet to receive my 360 coffin so I can send the sumbitch in to be fixed…again. Sometime this week, I’m gonna go out and get me a new 360 with the new “falcon” chip. Hopefully it’ll last longer than 6 months at a time. In the meanwhile I decided to install Battle For[…]

Electronics hate me!

Well, my 360 has died on me again. In the middle of Mass Effect there were suddenly black lines all over the screen. I turn it off, back on and get one red light with a system error message on screen. Do the trouble shooting I found from searching online, nada. It’s a goner. Time[…]

Mass Effect

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Published on: January 15, 2008

Well, I finished Mass Effect and it was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve ever had. It had a great ending while still setting up the inevitable sequel. I can’t wait for it. I’m gonna start another play through tomorrow, this time with a female. I used a pistol the entire first play[…]

My new crack

There’s always at least one game a year that has me totally awestruck, and googly eyed. Last year it was Oblivion. I’d play it for hours at a time, never doing a thing, never realizing how long I’ve played it. Hell, most of the time was spent looting caves and hunting vampires. I closed MAYBE[…]


…I just geeked out. Watched the third disc of Escaflowne. If it keeps going as is, it might actually get bought. I’m very picky on what anime I buy. Mostly due to cost, but anime is so diverse and most of it annoys the fuck out of me. Right now, I only own 4 complete[…]

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