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Another night of drunkenness…

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Published on: August 15, 2012

So we had ourselves another night of drunkenness. This time everybody’s favorite curmudgeon was in attendance and he got…well drunk. With that said, I got very very drunk, and very very fast. I don’t know what the hell hit me so hard but it really fucked me up. I slept through a good portion of[…]

Puny God…

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Published on: May 8, 2012

Well I got out the house yesterday. Went and seen the Avengers last night. Needless to say, it was amazing. Perfect blend of action, and comedy. What a comic book movie should be. Joss Whedon should direct every Marvel comic book movie from here on out. The Hulk was fucking awesome, and Robert Downey Jr.[…]

Reading is FUN-damental

Well I finished up the fourth book(Choke Point by Jay MacLarty) in the Simon Leonidovich series and I’m pretty satisfied with how it ended. I was a little put off early when suddenly, without explanation, Simon was no longer involved with his love interest from the previous book. But only temporarily as I soon forgot[…]


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Published on: June 15, 2009

My fricken external hard drive got knocked off the table and started making grinding noises. Then quit like 2 minutes later as I was trying to access it. About 80 gigs of comics gone. Including the entire run of Question and Batman. Question took a little over a month to download and Batman took 2.[…]

Movie movie movie…..

Overnight – An inside look at the meteoric rise of a douchebag and how said man’s douchebaggery can make you a pariah in Hollywood. It’s good to have faith in yourself and your skills/talent, but this guy takes it to epic leves of faith. Like he’s the second coming of everything great ever. Who is[…]

Blue wang of ultimate destruction!…

…or just a visual representation showing that Dr. Manhattan was becoming detached from humanity. Things that we freak over, have zero meaning to him as he’s no longer with us. If you’re confused by the opening of my post then you suck for not reading The Watchmen. My opening statement is based on the movie[…]

More reviews….

This time, the above average Part 1 offerings. There will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled you might as well move on. We’ll start with comics. First up is the Ultimates Volume 1&2 – The Ultimates is a re-imagining of many Marvel comic favorites…and not so favorites. The Cast includes Nick[…]

Abashed the Devil stood; and felt how awful Goodness is

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Published on: May 25, 2008

Last night my cousin and Cody stayed the night and we watched two movies. Both of which I had seen before. American Pie and The Crow. American Pie is what it is. Low brow teen comedy. Good stuff. The Crow on the other hand. Easily one of my favorite movies. Everything about it is incredible.[…]

Just another media Monday…

…wish it was Sunday, that’s not funnay, I don’t have to runnay…Just another media Monday. Sorry, the song(“Manic Monday” I think by Bananarama ) has been stuck in my head all morning. Anyway, I don’t have a life to speak of so here’s a recap of shit I’ve watched… House returned and it’s still all[…]

Entertainment Today

Just some random musings on things I’ve watched, read, and plan to watch, read. I’ll start with Thursday night on NBC. A nice return of the Office we all know and love. Michael’s odd form of crazy, Creed’s awesome one-liner’s…”Then I’ll have 2, only one more to go.” lol. The sweet relationship between PB&J. Just[…]

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