Here we are again

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Published on: May 26, 2021

So, no longer with the lady. As always, I fucked it up. Insecurities and a feeling of uselessness is and always be my downfall. She’s happy though so I’m happy. She made me a better person. No regrets. I miss her but it is what it is. Won’t dwell.

As for me. I’m making strides. Got my ssdi and Medicaid straightened out. Got my first bank account.

We moved to Iola. Now trying to get things all straightened out so I can make the move to Wichita, which can’t come soon enough. Tre is on the path to jail. Tayonna is…well, it’s awful. She’s awful. I actively dislike her. And Nevin is no different from my last post. Maybe even worse.

Mom is on the brink of giving up custody. She’s never given up on anybody. Which includes my 37yo sister whose spent about 22 of those years strung out on all the drugs. Yet the kids have pushed her to the brink. I don’t blame her. They’re the number one reason I’m leaving. It’s scary, but I’m ready. It’s time. I need my own life.

So that’s it for now. Until next time.

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