August 17

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Published on: August 17, 2020

Woke up early to being quarantined. Apparently mom was exposed, but we have no idea who, as she doesn’t really talk to anyone. So that’s fun.

I’m moving out soon. It’s scary, but necessary. My mental health needs it. Tre’ is coming along which is nice, but I hope he gets his shit together.

Word is, I’ve got me a lovely lady friend. Just celebrated a year together. She’s great. Smart, funny, outspoken, ambitious, understanding, open, and just great. She’s also damn cute.

As for the kiddos. Tay is a terror, but to her credit, she was the old Tay while my lady friend was here. Helped out, was friendly, polite, and pleasant. It was nice.

Nevin has been equal parts awful and frustrating. He’s a large part of why I’m moving. He just refuses to listen or own up to anything. Lies about everything. EVERYTHING. He’s easily the most frustrating person in my life. So much potential. So much being wasted.

As for my life. It basically consists of the lady, tv, reading, duolingo, and Apex. But changes are a coming. Stay tuned.

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