Weekly wrap up

Sis tried to kill herself with a bottle of benadryl. She’s still in the psyche ward on watch. So there’s that.

Tayonna attacked staff Thursday yet still got a pass Friday to come home. Not sure how that works. Shockingly she’s been a terror since being here. Reward bad behavior and surprise, she continues being bad. Who would’ve thought that?

Tre’ continues to make just blindingly stupid choices. No clue what to do with him. Tried being a hardass. Tried being lenient. Tried talking. Tried yelling. Drew has tried. Mom has tried. I just don’t get it.

Nevin is doing okay, but has his moments of wild, aggressive anger. And lies. All the lies, fallacies, tall tales, and stories. Driving me insane.

Mom is…frustrating. And that’s all I gotta say about that.

As for me. I’m here. Bored, depressed, angry, going through the motions. Watching tv. Playing FIFA. Slowly reading. So here’s some reviews.

First up Stephen Colbert’s arch nemesis and Korean pop sensation Rain in Ninja Assassin. It’s about what you would expect. Copious amounts of blood and gore. But it gets a passing grade because Sho Kosugi is in it. His movies made up a large portion of my childhood. Movies like Ninja III: The Domination and Pray for Death. If you like ninja flicks it’s worth a watch. Otherwise, pass.

Equalizer 2. Worth watching.

Arrested Development was okay to good. Worth watching if you’re a completist.

Final Destination holds up remarkably well.

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