I want for nothing

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Published on: July 11, 2019

Someone recently asked me what I want. In life. In general. Anything. And I didn’t have an answer. Even after thinking about it a while. I had nothing. Figured I’d sleep on it. Still nothing. It’s really bothering me that there’s nothing in life I want. I mean there’s obvious easy answers. Sis being clean(she’s in the psyche ward currently). Mom not having to work. Not living check to check. But that’s not just for me. I should have some personal wants, needs, goals. It’s depressing. To know you’re wasting a life, but you’re so apathetic that you can’t and/or won’t make a change for the better.

Nothing interests me. Nothing excites me. Nothing keeps my attention. Even things I once loved, I find boring. Or can’t keep my attention long. A pointless existence…

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