I didn’t miss me either

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Published on: May 1, 2019

So I’m back…I guess. Not a lot has changed. Older. Grumpier. Blessed. Not reading as much. Not watching as much. Not going out…ever. Some shit has changed. Niece is in state care. She’s defiant, angry, spiteful, and just not overly pleasant right now. She’s in a state hospital residency thing.

Oldest has really gone downhill. Shit grades. Dropped out of sports; part grades/part shit coach. Depressed. Angry. I miss him. It’s hard to communicate with him anymore. It’s not great.

Youngest is doing okay, except 90% of what he says is a lie or an embellishment on the truth.

She who shall not be named is still the same as ever. Upto like 6 kids. Custody of zero.

As for me. Still kicking (figuratively). No GED. No life. No prospects. Yet, I am blessed. For I have a great family. Yes, even the kids. They drive me nuts but I love them like my sis loves drugs, and babies, and alcohol, and…you get it. I’d be in so much worse shape. Likely dead. Through all the shit. All the drama, I live for them. There’s other things going on but we’ll save that for another post.

As for now. Fuck you very much and I live to love again and still.

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