2 months down…a lifetime to go…

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Published on: June 25, 2012

Yesterday marked 2 months since the split. I handled it much better than the 1 month un-niversary. It’s not any easier, but I’ve learned how to handle it better…don’t be a douche. I’m not gonna dwell on it…in this post.

I go Wednesday to take the GED pre-test. Then may have to wait to do the test until school starts as they(Iola Community College) might not have anybody to help me until then. Gonna start doing the weights Wednesday as well. Started once but they didn’t weigh shit so felt like a waste of time. Got some heavier weights now. May as well start my vitamins then too. Get my health on lol.

As for me, same old, same old. Some games, some movies, a lot of TV. Watched all of Arrested Development again. First couple of seasons of Archer. About done with Reaper, which makes me sad. Started Boardwalk Empire which is fantastic. Love Steve Buschemi. Also watched a fan edit of Star wars Ep. IV…fantabulous! Watching Han Solo shoot first totally gave me a chubby.

On a positive note. I wanna give much respect to my wonderful sister. She’s doing so well. She came down and stayed the week with us while my mom was in the hospital and did a great job. It’s good to see her doing so well. She’s come a long way. Proud of you sis! Keep it up…one day at a time. Love you.

Until next time…fuck you very much…

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