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Published on: April 28, 2012

Not really, but might as well be. I think it’s well and truly over. I was holding out hope we could work it out but like I said in an earlier post…”you can’t have what doesn’t want to be had.” I know, I said hope is bad. Love will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Anyway, we’re not even talking now. She told me twice she’d call so we could talk…nothing. Not even a courtesy text. Makes me wonder even more about what these last 8 months meant if anything. Today would have been our 9 month anniversary. Got a strange email late last night about her…has me…perplexed.

To my cousin Allen…you are immediate family. I should’ve been more clear. You are always welcome, and I understand about your busy schedule. I’ve never held a grudge about how things have gone with us. I’m proud of you, and respect what you’re doing with your life. Don’t ever think differently.

Short post but had to say something. Get it all out of my fucked up head.

1 Comment
  1. Allen says:

    Well, that is good to know. I need to make more time to come over. I kinda figured Tiffany filled any void that I might have left, however insignificant that void was lol. If you had her, you probably didn’t really need me hanging around. That is really what caused the whole problem for me. I wanted to help you but didn’t know how because I didn’t know anything about Tiffany. You didn’t need someone sympathizing over something he knew nothing about. The “he” being me, obviously lol. So I just said some nearly meaningless stuff about emotion. While I believe everything I said about love, I’m sure it was not very helpful. I do hope you are doing better.

    On a lighter note, Ashley and I finished Band of Brothers. I will bring it back soon. It was freakin’ A awesome.

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