X-mas time is upon us

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Published on: December 19, 2010

Well, had the big family x-mas yesterday and unfortunately I was in attendance. Despite my vow to never attend one of these shindigs again, I was guilted into going by my gramps. He’s good, he’s very good. As per usual, I avoided everyone and everyone avoided me. I’m not complaining, I prefer it this way. I’m just not a big conversationalist. Especially not with the extended fam.

Though it could have been much worse. Thanks to Rock Band 3 and Douglas Adams it was an ok time. We played a bunch of rock band. Couldn’t convince anyone to sing…pussies. So I did all the singing. When we took our first break, I slapped on my ipod, cranked it up and started reading “So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish.” by Douglas Adams on my Kindle. Really liking it. Then we got our Rock Band on again which was followed by the opening of the presents which I also avoided by slappin’ on the trusty old ipod and playing some Angry Birds on my phone. Mission accomplished.

Now to figure out a way to avoid next year. Dang grandpa and his power of persuasion/guilt. Aw well, I’d do anything for him so I’m sure I’ll be back next year. As long as I have my ipod and kindle, I’ll survive 🙂

That is all…wait no it isn’t…

What the fuck Magic!? Hedo and Arenas? Are you trying to destroy the team? All I gotta say is Jameer better start. Arenas can fuck off to the bench, and Turk can just fuck off. God I hate this trade…FUCK!

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