Sorry Ms. Rowling,

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Published on: March 23, 2010

Ooooo, I am for real. Today, I got a call that Ms. Rowling’s lawyers called my IP to tell them I was torrenting her books…and I’m sorry. But she had given me no choice. With my disability, it was the only way I could read them. So really it’s her fault for being so uptight about the ereader format. Would I have done it otherwise…nope. I still bought her books, but only so my non-disabled friends could read them. They’re too big for my retarded hands. So anyway, I’m sorry you can’t see the advantages of the ereader format. And I’m sorry you don’t see how much money you’re losing, and how many fans you will never have because of it. Until you do see that, people will continue to pirate your books because they have no other choice. I shall comply, because I don’t need anymore problems in my life. I’m just sayin’, don’t be so uptight Ms. Rowling, give in to the ereader, and I’ll be the first to purchase a copy of all seven books.

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