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Overnight – An inside look at the meteoric rise of a douchebag and how said man’s douchebaggery can make you a pariah in Hollywood. It’s good to have faith in yourself and your skills/talent, but this guy takes it to epic leves of faith. Like he’s the second coming of everything great ever. Who is this mighty God of film AND music you ask? The writer/director of Boondock Saints, Troy Duffy. Never heard of him? Not a big surprise since he’s been pretty much blackballed. Good look at his attempt at getting his film and his music career going and how he fucked up a great thing. Worth a looksee.

Hang Em High(1968) – Clint Eastwood western…nuff said…only it isn’t cuz the ending fucking sucked. Nothing resolved at all. It was decent to good but I can’t recommend it.

Hand of Death(1975) – Chop socky flick that was way too over-choreographed and looked it. With that said, it was still enjoyable. Jackie Chan was in this in a supporting role before he was Jackie Chan. He was still being billed as Chan Yuan Lung at this point. No zany antics, just straight up kick-assery…overly choreographed kick assery. If you’re into older chop socky flicks, check it out. Otherwise pass.

30 Days of Night – My first Blu-Ray movie watched on my new TV(52″ Samsung Ultra Thin LCD) It was pretty glorious. Good movie, and Josh Hartnett wasn’t completely fuckin’ horrible. Only actor I dislike more than him is Keanu Reeves. Of course I may be biased as it concerns the movie, as I’m a huge fan of pretty much anything vampire related…except Queen of the Damned. God was that a pile of shit or what? Also, Fuck Twilight and it’s bastard ass vamps. Anyway, brilliant concept. Vampires descend on a small town in Alaska during the annual 30 days of night and lay waste to the town and it inhabitants. Really enjoyed the end as well. Gonna read the comics it’s based on this week.

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