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Live Free or Die Hard – Mindless, over-indulgent, small on story big on over-the-top action. Just a fun, turn your mind off action flick. Is it better than Die Hard? No, but really. What action movie is, well besides Commando. Rent before you buy.

Home Movies Season 2 – Totally overlooked piece of genius. The conversation’s between Brendan and coach McGuirk are some of the funniest moments of any show ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but they are damn funny. Hell anytime Brendan starts rambling and justifying anything it’s comic gold. The episodes with him in therapy with his dad and his dad’s fiancee are just too fuckin’ funny. With that said, it’s still an acquired taste for some. The animation throws people off right away as it’s very rough, but I think it adds to the overall charm of the show. I say definitely check it out, but don’t blame me if you hate it. It just means you suck. Here’s some life lessons from the venerable Coach McGuirk…

Coach McGuirk: Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, throw up quicker.

Brendon: Coach, do you think I’m stupid?
Coach McGuirk: Of course you’re stupid, Brendon, all kids are stupid.

Coach McGuirk: There’s a tornado coming. So I’m gonna stay down here with the baby, you guys go upstairs and play.
Melissa Robbins: Shouldn’t we stay down here with you?
Coach McGuirk: No, it’s not safe for everybody to be in the same place during a tornado, Melissa.
Melissa Robbins: But I thought you’re supposed to go together.
Coach McGuirk: No! The rule is, Melissa, you separate.
Melissa Robbins: Are you sure?
Coach McGuirk: Yeah. If you get sucked into the funnel and everyone’s separated it’s just like a fun ride. But if you’re all in a group, in a cluster, you start banging into each other, then your heads collide and you die.

Coach McGuirk: Melissa, get in there and replace Janeane.
Melissa Robbins: Coach, my arm’s broken, remember?
Coach McGuirk: Your *arm* is protected by a cast. It’s safer than it was before, now get in there.

Coach McGuirk: Life sucks, Brendon. That’s your lesson. Go enjoy it.

Coach McGuirk: Brendon there’s nothing wrong with lying to women. Or the government. Or parents. Or God.

Back to the reviews…well…not really a review. More like a comment.
Hard Boiled – Asia’s Clint Eastwood, Chow Yun Fat blowin shit up. Need more be said?

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