The Chiefs…The sad, sad Chiefs

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Published on: September 9, 2008

Well, it looks to be another loooong year for Chiefs fans. Croyle is one of the softest quarterbacks I’ve ever seen. Of course he’s not helped by our piss poor line.

Dwayne Bowe is NOT a number 1 receiver. No real number 1 receiver drops 4 fuckin’ passes. And if said number 1 receiver does drop 4 passes, he doesn’t give an interview after the game and nonchalantly say “he played OK.” He should be pissed at himself. Let us know how he’ll never let that happen again. But no, he’s apparently comfortable at being a failure. Well there’s no wonder Carl Peterson likes him so. Peas in a pod. What are we in now? Year 19 of his 3 year plan?

The defense looks pretty good however. Not impressed by our new middle linebacker, but liking our secondary…for the most part. Our d-line is a work in progress.

Only real bright spot was Jamaal Charles and the ever steady Tony G. Larry Johnson just isn’t what he used to be and that worries me, but we’re stacked at that position so not a big worry.

With all that said, at least we’re not the Raiders…HA!

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