The ultimate in sportsmanship

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Published on: April 30, 2008

Sportsmanship is alive

See that image above. That is one of the greatest pictures ever. Ranking up there with my ultimate picture. Which is when Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise fists for Black Power in 1968 at the Olympic games.

I know, you’re thinking, why is the above picture so great? And I’ll tell ya…be a pointless post if I didn’t. Well, as you can see, two teammates are clearly carrying a player of the opposite team. Noble in it’s own right, but not worthy of being called “one of the greatest pictures ever”. The reason it’s so awesome is the girl being carried, senior Sara Tucholsky, just homered on the other team. Her first homerun ever. Well while rounding the bases, in her excitement, she missed first base. So as she turned around to touch first base she tweaked her knee bad. Due to a rule in baseball/softball, if a player homers and can’t round the bases for whatever reason, it goes down as a single. Her teammates cannot help her round the bases neither. In an awesome moment of sportsmanship, the other team carried her around the bases so she was credited for a home run. Awesome!

Here’s a link to an article with the full story.
A Sporting Gesture Touches ’Em All

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