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Published on: February 23, 2008

Back in my hoodlum days, I listened to “gangsta rap” almost exclusively. Besides the obvious N.W.A., Ice-T, Ice Cube, The Wu and Geto Boys I had one not as well known favorite. A cat from the Bay. I know what your thinking, but you’re wrong. It’s not the one trick pony Too Short, or MC Eiht, or E-40. The king of the Bay in my eyes is easily Spice 1.

I bought, stole, acquired, borrowed, and/or downloaded his first CD I’d say at least 7 times due to it being stolen, acquired, borrowed, lost, and/or pawned. A side effect of hanging with other nefarious wannabe thugs and needing money for a 40 on the weekends.

His first cd is still one of my favorite rap albums EVER. His flow and the way he could change up his styles was just great. With that said, I have 2 tracks for today as I couldn’t choose just one. These are my two favorite songs, and both are off his first CD.

Spice 1 – 187 Proof

Spice 1 – Eastbay Gangsta

Side note – Damn Jayhawks! What the hell!? Oklahoma? Seriously?

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