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Still no 360

I’ve still yet to receive my 360 coffin so I can send the sumbitch in to be fixed…again. Sometime this week, I’m gonna go out and get me a new 360 with the new “falcon” chip. Hopefully it’ll last longer than 6 months at a time. In the meanwhile I decided to install Battle For[…]

Electronics hate me!

Well, my 360 has died on me again. In the middle of Mass Effect there were suddenly black lines all over the screen. I turn it off, back on and get one red light with a system error message on screen. Do the trouble shooting I found from searching online, nada. It’s a goner. Time[…]

Mass Effect

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Published on: January 15, 2008

Well, I finished Mass Effect and it was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve ever had. It had a great ending while still setting up the inevitable sequel. I can’t wait for it. I’m gonna start another play through tomorrow, this time with a female. I used a pistol the entire first play[…]

My new crack

There’s always at least one game a year that has me totally awestruck, and googly eyed. Last year it was Oblivion. I’d play it for hours at a time, never doing a thing, never realizing how long I’ve played it. Hell, most of the time was spent looting caves and hunting vampires. I closed MAYBE[…]


…I just geeked out. Watched the third disc of Escaflowne. If it keeps going as is, it might actually get bought. I’m very picky on what anime I buy. Mostly due to cost, but anime is so diverse and most of it annoys the fuck out of me. Right now, I only own 4 complete[…]

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