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Stop! Movie Time

Watched a couple movies, only worth mentioning one really so I’ll start it with. Unless you’re completely dense…or blind. The movie is Secondhand Lions. A nice little family film about a shy boy, his crappy mother, and his 2 eccentric uncles. Pretty basic story. Crappy mom hears the aforementioned Uncles are rich and have millions[…]

The Whole Ten Yards(2004)

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Published on: January 16, 2008

Let me start by saying I really, really liked “The Whole Nine Yards”. I thought it was a smart, comical, joyride. After I saw the initial previews for the sequel, it immediately turned me off. Looked like it(the series) went from comedy to slapstick farce. After watching it, I can safely say my fears were[…]

Down In the Valley(2005)

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Published on: December 11, 2007

I caught this movie on Showtime. Normally I wouldn’t bother with movies on TV. Especially if they’re not in widescreen, but being I’m a big fan of Edward Norton and I’d never heard of the movie I checked it out. Edward Norton did not disappoint…the movie on the other hand was only slightly above average.[…]


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Published on: November 5, 2007

Well, Wes Anderson is 3 for 3 so far for me. It took about 30 minutes for the movie to really get going but when it got goin’ it was pure fun. Bill Murray has got to be the most under-rated actor of our time. He’s so good in all his roles. He was very[…]

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