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Reality? Who’s reality, sure as hell ain’t mine.

I submersed myself in reality tv today. Got caught up on Celebrity Rehab. Anybody runnin’ a pool on who will actually stay sober? I say it’s a clean sweep…and none of ’em do. I like Mary Carey, but I don’t think she has a chance. I say Chyna’s dead by 2009 whether it be suicide[…]

I’m all out of clever titles

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Published on: February 19, 2008

Watched the most recent episode of Celebrity Rehab and it was a really good, positive episode. Jeff Conaway is all kinds of fucked up. It’s pretty clear that his girlfriend/fiance clearly needs some form of help as well. Chyna is a mystery wrapped in an enigma(I love than line). She looks like a future suicide[…]

Rock of Love II

Strike is over, but other than Lost there’s nothing on TV still. Sooo, I’m still watching the fine programming on VH1. Not a bad episode. I don’t know any of their names but Daisy, and Kristy Jo. I picked Daisy to go all the way from the beginning though she’s far from the hottest chick[…]

America’s Best Dance Crew

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Published on: February 15, 2008

Again Kaba Modern and JabbaWockeeZ killed it. Wasn’t feeling Live In Color. BreakSk8 impressed once again. Iconic was much better this week. Unlike the judges, I liked Status Quo, though their end “stunt” was overly complicated and well…stupid. They got screwed with the Hammer dance. Fish and Chix was the weak link, but maybe it’s[…]

Things and stuff

Bought some shit. Mostly stuff to further cement my position as nerd extraordinaire. I bought two anime series. Outlaw Star and Vision of Escaflowne. I also have a framed cel from Outlaw Star. Continuing with the anime theme, I also bought a Vash the Stampede zippo. Also finally completed my Full Metal Alchemist series by[…]

MTV Presents

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Published on: February 8, 2008

I watched MTV today for the first time in a loooong time. I broke down after catching a commercial for a new reality show. I know, I know. But this one is all kinds of awesome. All you gotta do is ignore everything BUT the competition. The show is America’s Best Dance Crew. B-boy’s and[…]

Chuck ep 12&13

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Published on: January 25, 2008

Yesterday, not only did we get 1 new episode of Chuck, but we got 2! Decent stuff, though if Adam Baldwin wasn’t on the show I don’t think it’d be even 1/10th as good. He makes the show. And of course Yvonne Strahovski is all kinds of hotness. Evidence… . Episode 12 was kinda slow.[…]

Trainwreck TV…

…Oh how I lov…, it’s something in between those two. Damn the writer’s strike for forcing this upon me! Today I watched Rock of Love II, My Fair Brady, and Celebrity Rehab. Rock of Love II is ridiculous. How the hell is that crazy, ugly, amazonian, French chick still there? She’s just fuckin’ frightening. Not[…]

American Gladiators is back!

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Published on: January 6, 2008

Did you know?…Better yet, do you care? Yeah, me neither…yet I’m watching it. Tre seems to like it. Chose it over his normal nightly watching which consists of Batman, The Batman, and Justice League of America. I fucked up with netflix. Accidentally got the Escaflowne movie before I’m even close to finishing the series, so[…]

Lost Season 3

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Published on: January 3, 2008

I quit watching season 3 with about 7 episodes to go. I don’t know why, I just did. I had them on my DVR, I just was in no rush to watch them. Then in a moment of momentary stupidity while cleaning my DVR of old programs to make room for new. I deleted the[…]

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