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Published on: June 5, 2012

Dreams fucking suck. What’s worse than a dream is waking up from a fucking dream. Realizing your still living the same shitty, miserable fucking life you were before. Nothings changed. You can probably guess what the dream was about. If not, well poo on you.

Anyway, I realistically know it’s over. It’s been over a month since the break up. I’ve poured my feelings out numerous times and and got shit in return. She’s made zero indication that she wants to get back together. She’s moved on, and wouldn’t surprise me if she already had another potential suitor. Yet I still cling to to the hope that I’ll say something and things will change. That she’ll suddenly say, “Oh Jamaal, I love you! Let’s give this another try.” I’ve done all I can and I’m still miserable.

I hate going to sleep, and even more so, I hate waking up. Dreams are a temporary escape to a wonderful time and place. But again, like Gollum, they’re not fucking real. Life goes on, and like it or not…it will never compare with wonderful fucking dreams. I’m a miserable fuck right now…

Until next time…fuck you very much.

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