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Published on: May 15, 2012

Well I just made a long ass post, but it didn’t fucking post so here’s the abridged version…

I got rid of a bunch of non-essential expenses to the tune of $130 a month to hopefully fund needs I have. The main need is to drive. I saw some people on youtube with my level of injury and higher driving. It was freeing to see. You know how much that would help me and my mom? Not having to get me, and 3 kids ready, possibly find a babysitter, pay for said babysitter, get us all loaded in, drop me off, then do it all over when I’m ready to be picked up. To be able to take the kids to their various functions when she’s not feeling upto it or has other things to do. And I know this is likely 3-5years in the future, but it’s something I can see in my future…something to strive for. Something I can and will make happen.

It also brought up some what if’s. What if I had been able to drive when with the former lady. Would that have changed things? Being able to drive there instead of her having to make the trip here every week. Spending more time with her and her family. Seeing each other multiple times a week. Don’t worry, I’m not dwelling on it. Just a thought that crossed my mind. It’s another thought that’s making me wanna improve myself…for me. To help unburden those around me.

Also if you haven’t. Check out It has helped me tons and I’ve only posted there a couple times. It’s good to know, others know what I’m going through. You should really check it out just to see what I go through and don’t really talk about.

Until next time…fuck you very much.

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