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Published on: May 9, 2012

…perhaps. I talked with the former lady love last night. Not just a short cordial conversation, but our first real conversation since doomsday. Talked for over an hour. I feel a little better about things and yet more frustrated/confused. She does admit she got scared but the kids are still the main concern. The frustration/confusion come from knowing there’s nothing more to our split. I did no wrong, she did no wrong. We’re just simply not together…because. It was almost like I was hoping there was more to it. But alas, it’s just a mixture of kids and fear. Kids are the excuse she needed that helped her give into the fear. This is my interpretation anyway.

Still need to call about the GED…I’ll get there.

Birthday coming up Friday. No real plans other than to get passed out drunk. Hopefully I’ll wake up and the pain will be gone…That’s how it works right? I’m a little new to this drink the pain away thing. I’ll try not to make it a habit.

Until next time…fuck you very much.

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