Bi-polar much?

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Published on: May 7, 2012

Ok, new day, new attitude. I once again couldn’t sleep last night but something strange happened. A wave of positivity hit me. It was unusual to say the least. I decided that life still sucks, but I might as well do something with mine while I’m here. I finally said the things I needed to say to my former lady love early this A.M. Gave the big end of movie monologue that brings things together or tears them apart. It was freeing and difficult. I wept like a bitch through the whole thing but it needed to be said. In the end I’m still here for her if she wants me to be but I won’t push it. I can’t sit and stare at my phone. Wondering what she’s doing, what she’s thinking. If she’s gonna text me, why hasn’t she texted me. She knows I’m here and she has my number.

As for me, we’ll see how long this positivity lasts. I’m hoping to keep it going. Get out more, even if it’s just out front with the kids. Be a better man for me and in extension those I care about. It won’t be easy but I gotta do something.

And just for the record, this positivity hit me 6 hours before reading your post Cody 😛 I appreciate your words though. It’ll be my strength going forward.

Until next time…thank you very much…oh and fuck you 🙂

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