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Published on: August 6, 2011

Well, I haven’t quite blogged like I said I would now have I? I’m sure the 1-2 people who read it will survive. There have been some serious changes around here. Some infuckingcredible, they can also be referenced as unfuckingbelievable.

I, Jamaal Glaze, fucked around and some how got himself a lady friend. A lady friend you say. Yes, a lady friend I reply. 18 years I have avoided the world outside my room. Never feeling the need to mingle amongst the people in it. Shit, I felt I had it pretty good. I have 4 awesome fucking friends. My social needs were easily met with them. It’s been a process getting to this point but I got there and was very content.

Then something happened. A little thing called Twitter. Now I never use Twitter, it had been a couple years since I updated my ‘feed’. But lo and behold I get a twitter message from someone from my past. Like way past. Like 20 years past. Just a short message…@LilFnCube im tiffany***** we were friendswhen we were kids atrichardsgebauer..wldluv2hearfromu 816******* do u remember me

I almost ignored the message, as I honestly hadn’t a clue who she was and I sure as hell wasn’t calling her. I did eventually message her back. Had a little back and forth on twitter, and I eventually remembered her…a little.  I was apparently her first kiss.  As we talked more and more she quickly became known as my stalker by everyone around here.  I tried everything I could to scare her off.  I have many issues, the main one being my crippledness.  Of course some would say my emotional hurdles are much higher than my physical ones.  I laid it all out there.  It never fazed her.  She kept requesting I call her…I don’t call people.  Especially a stalker lol.  Finally her persistence paid off and I gave a little and we started texting.  Through texting things progressed…Fast.  I won’t go into details, but I will say, the details are very good and that she finally got her phone call.  It was pretty awkward, as I expected, but I got it out of the way

So despite doing all I could to scare her off she kept coming.  A couple more calls and lots of texting later we agreed to meet up.  I figured if she saw my crippledness, that would definitely send her running.  Though I was also curious if there was any chance for something more.  I knew she was interested, but I was still skeptical.  Its just not something I ever wanted again…ever.  I was perfectly content going through life alone.  I figured at best, I would gain a lifelong friend.  We had a lot in common, she seemed like a good person.  She’d come, realize I was not prime dating material and move on, right?

Wrooooong. We hit it off.  Boy did we hit it off.  My stalker was quickly becoming much much more.  And sure enough, two days later we were officially a couple.  It’s still weird…and scary, very.  I’ve never been in an adult relationship.  I’m 34 years old and I don’t have a friend over the age of 21.  We’re figuring it out together though.  I’m really digging her.  When I’m with her, it just feels right.  Like that is the way it was always meant to be.  Maybe it’s that I haven’t been with a lady in any capacity in 18 years.  I just know I like it…alot.  We have a 3 day weekend planned next weekend. I’m beyond excited about it.  I don’t believe in fate but if it exists, I think my current relationship is what you point at as evidence of it.  Otherwise it makes no fucking sense lol


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