You can’t choose your family

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Published on: October 5, 2010

Long time no post…again. Hopefully I can get back to regular postings…now that the adoption is final! Woohoo! Now we’re officially and legally responsible for 3 munchkins for the next 16 years. Fun, fun. It’s a shame it ever came to this but as my subject line suggests. “You can’t choose your family.”

I haven’t heard from my sister in over a month. What that suggests to me, is she’s not doing the things that needs to be done. Which is a shame. Because come January she’s likely to lose the one kid she still had a chance to get. Maybe it’s for the best. I mean she’s essentially choosing drugs and alcohol over her own kids. Which I just don’t get how anybody can do that. I know it’s hard to quit using, but when it comes to your own kids it’s time to suck it up for their sake. How do you tell the kids that they can’t see their mom because she’d rather get fucked up than see them? How do you tell them that their mom would rather go get drunk than be a part of their lives? It’s a lose-lose for all involved. It boggles the mind how one can be so selfish. Again, I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do. I’m saying it should be an easy and obvious choice to make. Kids come first…always.

As for me. I’m slowly losing my best friend. I’m not much of a believer in God, but if he came to me for whatever reason, and told me I can only have one friend for the rest of my life it would be an easy answer…in the past. My sister. I wouldn’t have hesitated on the answer. Now, not so much. I hope one day we can be that again, but I will not dwell on it. Sometimes you just gotta move on without looking back. I hope she does the right thing someday. And on that day I will be there with open arms. Until then, C’est la vie!

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