More movies…

…nothing too great.

Finally finished up Noir(anime) and it gets a resounding meh. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I never thought to myself…”Wow I can’t wait to see what happens next.” or any thing like that. It was just a lot of blah. Just interesting enough to keep you watching but not good enough to consider purchasing. If you’re a big anime fan, by all means check it out. If not, then it’s probably a pass.

Kirika should have died

Igby Goes Down – Starring Kieran Culkin. The brother of the more famous yet less talented MaCauley Culkin of Home Alone fame. Sporting an all-star cast with the likes of Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Susan Sarandon, Claire Daines(always had a thing for her) Amanda Peet, and Ryan Phillipe. Phillipe is ass, but he wasn’t offensive here as the holier-than-thou, high society, douchebag brother. I love anything Goldblum does. I’m a fan of quirkiness. All in all a decent movie. About a young man trying to find his way amongst a dysfunctional family who he all but hates. Worth a rent.

Human Traffic – Ass piled upon ass. It tried to be Trainspotting(a brilliant awesome movie that you need to see if you haven’t)…it failed. It tried to be clever…it failed. It tried not to suck…I assume…it failed. Nothing redeeming about the movie whatsoever. Near the bottom of my shitlist of films. Just pure unadulterated ass. Pass! Unless you are into self-inflicted torture that is.

Project A 2 – Jackie Chan doing what Jackie Chan does best. Fun movie, nothing overly great. Worth a rental, I’ll likely buy eventually.

Bodyguard from Beijing – Jet Li doing what Jet Li does best. Really enjoyed this one. Some good action in this one. I’ll definitely be buying.

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