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Published on: August 1, 2008

Well, the funeral was Wednesday and it was the hardest day of my life. It’d be so much easier if you knew what awaited you after death. Everybody kept trying to comfort me by saying, “she’s in a better place now.” Or “she’s watching over us now, smiling down.” How do you know? You don’t. It might be what you believe, but you don’t know. Nobody does. And if they say they do, they’re lying, crazy, or both. I don’t deny the existence of God, I’m just skeptical. Faith based religion just seems very convenient. The “we have no proof, you just gotta have faith” stuff.

I don’t know. The only comfort I can take from this is that she’s no longer in pain, and I was fortunate enough to have known her. To learn from her, and hopefully keep her memory alive for future generations by being a good son, uncle, cousin, friend, and eventually brother(she who shall not be named still drives me crazy).

Soon we’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blog posts full of “reality” TV, obscure movies, comics, and random shite. Just not yet. Stay classy people. Love your loved ones cuz you never know how long they’ll be here.

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