Albi: The Racist Dragon

Ok, I’m a little late on the Flight of the Conchords bandwagon but if it’s alright, I’d like to get in on the fun. I started catching replays of their show on HBO and I can’t get enough of them. It’s just inspired, brilliant stuff…and mutha’uckin’ hilarious. The first season DVD will soon be mine, and thanks to Napster I now am the proud owner of the most recent CD and “The Distant Future” CD. Loving it…a lot. MP3 time and K-Ci & Jojo have been bumped for the awesomeness of FotC.

Leggy Blonde by Flight of the Conchords feat. Rhys Darby
[mp3]08 Leggy Blonde (Featuring Rhys Darby.mp3[/mp3]

That is all. Wait, no, go check Flight of the Conchords out…now.

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