Stop! Movie Time

Watched a couple movies, only worth mentioning one really so I’ll start it with. Unless you’re completely dense…or blind. The movie is Secondhand Lions.

A nice little family film about a shy boy, his crappy mother, and his 2 eccentric uncles. Pretty basic story. Crappy mom hears the aforementioned Uncles are rich and have millions of dollars hidden somewhere on their land. Sends shy boy to live with them while she’s at “court reporting school”, which is apparently code for whoring it up in Vegas with an abusive asshole.

Of course she only sends the boy there to try and find out where the money is hidden. Blabla, eccentric Uncles warm to the boy, and vice versa. Mom returns…blabla, touching ending with the Uncles. Not a movie I’d buy, but I did enjoy it. Kids would love it as it has a bedtime story feel to it, with Sheiks, and princesses, and big unbelievable adventures, and a love story intertwined throughout. Worth a look see if you have kids.


The second movie I watched was the craptacular Godsend. I was just expecting more of a supernatural thriller. Horrible dialog, unnatural reactions to things going on around them, just not a very well made movie. Greg Kinnear is so much better than this crap. Suggestion…pass.

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