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So I can’t seem to stop watching all this celebreality TV Vh1 keeps throwing out there. I mean I haven’t stooped as low as watching Flavor of Love, but it’s still bad…in a good way…I think.

First up is Celebracadabra. A bunch of C and D level celebs compete in a magic competition. This had me interested cuz I dig me some magic. It fascinates me.

The biggest celeb is easily C. Thomas Howell and he hasn’t been relevant for nearly 20 years. When one of your recent movies is “Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood!” things are not going well.

It also stars Kid from Kid ‘N Play, a hip-hop duo from the early 90’s and “stars” of the House Party trilogy. Now I ain’t hatin’. I own House Party 1 & 3 and do in fact enjoy the hell out of both of them. I’m just sayin’.

Also stars…well starred that annoying fucker Ant. I only know him as the host of other even crappier reality shows. He got the boot this past week which as much as I hate him, it could kill the show’s trainwreck factor.

The rest of the cast consists of a who’s who of “who the fuck is that?” Not great reality TV but the magic will keep me coming back

Next up is Miss Rap Supreme. Same exact setup as last years MTV show “The White Rapper Show”. Only this time as you could probably guess, MC Serch is Serching(see what I did there…clever) for the next big female rapper. Easily the best part of the show was Khia, the one hit blunder and singer/rapper of that shitty ass song “My Neck, My Back” being eliminated. For those who missed out on the greatness of the White Rapper Show and “King of da Burbs”, at the end of every show one of the teams is up for elimination. They must write an original 16 verse rhyme on the subject of Serch’s choosing. Well Khia’s dumb ass not only didn’t write an original verse but spit 16 lines off a song she had already recorded and put out. Needless to say she was sent packin’. It’s ridiculous that Lady Twist was sent home this past episode. I think she had the most potential.

I forgot what else I’m watching…hmm. Well I already dedicated way too much time on these shows this post anyway, so I’m out!

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