Just another media Monday…

…wish it was Sunday, that’s not funnay, I don’t have to runnay…Just another media Monday.

Sorry, the song(“Manic Monday” I think by Bananarama ) has been stuck in my head all morning. Anyway, I don’t have a life to speak of so here’s a recap of shit I’ve watched…

House returned and it’s still all kinds of awesome. I’m liking the dynamic with House, Wilson, and Vindictive Bitch even if it is a bit childish. Also Kumar is starting to grow on me…he’ll always be Kumar but he’s starting to find his way.

Of course The Office is always great and last Thursday was no different. I missed some of it thanks to Mother Nature and frequent cut-ins by the local news weatherman to tell us about said Mother Nature. Stanley was great and Michael actually handling it well in the end really helped this episode. Kind of disappointed they didn’t follow up on Toby from the previous week and his oh so creepy knee rubbing.

Earl is Earl. Consistent but nothing you have to see.

Scrubs is still very funny and I’ll say it again. Scrubs final season yet ER is still going on.

Finished up Neil Gaiman’s Eternals. Good stuff. Looking forward to the upcoming series. Hopefully it’s a continuation of Gaiman’s work. Gonna read Live Wire next.

Went and seen Iron Man yesterday and it is fuckin’ awesome! Robert Downey Jr. played the role great. They sorta touched on Stark’s drinking problem which I’m guessing will play a bigger role in the sequel. As I’m sure War Machine will also make it’s first appearance as alluded to in the film, with Terrence Howard looking at the Iron Man prototype suit and saying…”Maybe next time.” And the teaser in the end credits was sweet. Ultimate Nick Fury!

Good year for for comic nerds, what with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk reboot, Dark Knight Returns, Hellboy 2 and the new Indiana Jones flick all hitting theater’s this summer. Can’t wait. I might go see Prince Caspian this month as well, depending on finances.

That is all…for Media Monday.

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