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Published on: April 29, 2008

Well the draft has come and gone and I’m pretty happy with how things went down. Chiefs really scored with their first 4 picks. Would’ve liked to have seen them take at least one offensive lineman with one of their third round picks. But can’t complain when we get possibly the best player in the draft in Glenn Dorsey and an offensive lineman who may be the steal of the draft in Branden Albert. Follow that up with the hard hitting Brandon Flowers out of VT, and the fast as all hell Jamaal Charles and I actually look forward to next year…unfortunately Herm will almost guaranteed ruin all chances at a respectable season. Fuckin’ Herm.

Roger Clemens keeps digging himself deeper and deeper. Apparently he had a 10 year affair with Oxycontin spokeswoman, convict, and part-time country singer Mindy McCready. Which apparently began when she was only 15. I guess he never heard the saying “15 will get you 20”. He went by the motto, “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”. Of course he “flatly denied” all accusations through his lawyer. Which of course comes on the heels of him “flatly denying” his use of performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately for him Mindy McCready today denied nothing, and all but confirmed the affair. Clemens, grade A douche bag.

The Orlando Magic won their first playoff series since 1996, and it’s about time. After Shaq and Penny left the Magic way back when, I quit the sport for about 10 years, so I missed all of their struggles and just came back to Basketball this year. Them winning…Coincidence?…I think not! Side note: Dwight Howard is the Bomb Diggity yo! Averaging 21pts and 18 boards in the series.

My other team, the Braves, not fairing as well. Tom Glavine on the DL for the first time in his long career(he is back today however), Mike Hampton’s 20 million a year fragile ass, Smoltzies shoulder acting up, Mike Gonzalez still out, our most consistent reliever Peter Moylan on the 15 day DL, and our Closer also on the 15 day DL makes for a bad patchwork pitching staff.

Then you got Chipper Jones and Yunel Escobar playing hurt. Only bright spot thus far is Jurrjens is pitching really well. Hopefully things get turned around but I’m not optimistic. Side note: Braves need more TV time…fuckin’ TBS!

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