Reality? Who’s reality, sure as hell ain’t mine.

I submersed myself in reality tv today. Got caught up on Celebrity Rehab. Anybody runnin’ a pool on who will actually stay sober? I say it’s a clean sweep…and none of ’em do. I like Mary Carey, but I don’t think she has a chance. I say Chyna’s dead by 2009 whether it be suicide or accidental OD. Ricco’s still a fuckin scumbag. If I had to bet, I’d put my money on Shifty…maybe Brigitte. Jaimee Foxworth is gonna get bombed out of her mind within a week. Jessica Sierra is a toss up. I’m leaning towards relapse, but then cleans her act up. It sure as hell doesn’t look promising for any of ’em.

Also watched the BBC’s Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares. Not much commentary, other than the owner being a loser. Kudos to the head chef for being a stand-up guy willing to help troubled youth.

I just deleted my DVR recording of My Fair Brady. There are no redeeming qualities to that show. I’m ashamed for ever watching it. Just total crap.

Watched America’s Best Dance Crew Saturday or so. Again, I think the JabbaWockeeZ did the best in actually following the guidelines. I really liked Status Quo and Kaba Modern as well. I never liked Live in Color. Same thing every fricken’ week. BreakSk8 was kinda just there. And nobody really cares what Fysh N Chicks did. I’ll be shocked if they last another week.

Side note: Jayhawks killin’ Texas Tech…woohoo!

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