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Published on: January 21, 2008

I usually make a full post on the monthly UFC PPV’s but I’m just too lazy today. Which is unfortunate, because it was a pretty good show, despite the lackluster card. Kendall Grove continues to bring the suck by getting knocked out again in the 1st round. Lambert dominates the first round, only to get floored by one punch, 30 seconds into the second round against Wilson Gouveia. Gonzaga’s a 1 kick wonder and B.J. Penn is SCARY good at 155.

Kansas basketball still kicks ass. Now ranked number 2 behind Memphis who is number 1 for the 1st time in school history. Big HA! at North Carolina and it’s crying ass fans. TO called and he wants his spotlight back.

Unlike the aforementioned Kendall Grove, Escaflowne continues to bring the awesome. 2 more discs to go. Hope it doesn’t lose it’s steam.

I shaved off my ‘stache and it is not a pretty site. It’s downright frightening. Never happening again.

That is all.

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