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Published on: January 19, 2008


This week we have my current favorite hip-hop group. That group Jurassic 5. Only problem is, they’re no longer current as they broke up. Ego’s are a bitch. It’s a shame they never made it bigger, cuz they’re a perfect blend of old school and new. Simple rhymes that just flow into one another. No overly complicated deliveries, no gimmick, not overly produced shit. Just a simple sound with great lyricists. I guess the CunninLynguists get to be my new favorite hip-hop crew by default. I really love their new album Dirty Acres. But that neither here nor there as this is about the greatness of J5. Picking one song is impossible. So I devised a complicated system that only I and the greatest of mind’s would understand. I’m not gonna even try to explain, but it involves a blindfold and pointing…like I said, very complicated.

Without further ado I give you J5 – “End Up Like This” off their latest and hopefully not last CD “Feedback”.

Jurassic 5 – End Up Like This

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