Electronics hate me!

Red Light of Death!

Well, my 360 has died on me again. In the middle of Mass Effect there were suddenly black lines all over the screen. I turn it off, back on and get one red light with a system error message on screen. Do the trouble shooting I found from searching online, nada. It’s a goner. Time to send in my 3rd 360 and get another refurb that’ll die on me within’ a year.

If the PS3’s lineup wasn’t such crap I’d just say fuck the 360, but it’s just so much fun. Maybe it’s time to go for the newer 360’s with the cooler “falcon” chip.

To top all that off, my Lacie external hard drive will not power on. 90+ gigs of comics…gone. Gonna be impossible to find all those again especially with demonoid.com out of commission.

All this after my Alienware laptop saga. Chronicled Here, and Here

And here is the error screen…

E74 Error

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