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Quick note on my last post. After reading my own post. I’ve come to the conclusion, that I much prefer Nas to Jay-Z. Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

Playoffs have begun and Patriots just keep trucking along. Tom fuckin’ Brady was 26 for 28 passing and one of those incompletion’s was a drop by Wes Welker. God that fucker sucks. Slot machine is right. Put all your money into him and get shit back in return. I kid, I kid. I picked the San Diego upset. I’d be up by one game on the Digital Gathering “Pick the Pro’s” if I hadn’t forgot about the Green Bay game. I almost picked the Giants as well, but thought two big upsets was too much to ask. So now, it’s Pats/Chargers and Pack/Giants. Who would’ve thunk it. I bet Tiki’s kickin’ himself right now. I think they got a good chance to beat the Pack. Not so sure about the Chargers.

The Jayhawks opened up conference play yesterday with a blowout of Nebraska. Brandon Rush decided to make an appearance, and led the team with 19pts as he was raining 3’s. They’re still undefeated as they head to Oklahoma tomorrow. A Memphis/KU match up would be a fun ass game to watch no matter the outcome. Side note: Brandon Rush will be a bust in the NBA and Kareem Rush is the more talented brother.

I wish there was some hard evidence on Clemens and Bonds. I also wish I could watch Baseball without talk of roids every 5 minutes. Move the fuck on. Make the penalties more strict and kick the users the fuck out. The penalties right now are lame as fuck.

Hockey is not a sport. I’d rather watch paint dry.

Tony Kornheiser is an idiot. He said a few days back that the Celtics were the 4th best team in the East. Behind the Pistons, Magic, and the fuckin Bulls. The Bulls for gods sake! Side note: Dwight Howard is a beast. If he could shoot free throws, he’d be a consistent 30point scorer. Even still, he’s the most dominant big man in the game.

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