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Published on: January 12, 2008

I’m not gonna lie and claim Nas as the second coming. I’m not gonna say he’s the greatest rapper alive. Hell, if I had a choice between Jay-Z and Nas, I would pick Jay-Z. No qualms about it. I will say Nas is great. He is one of the greatest lyricists alive. It’s funny, I like Jay-Z’s flow better, and it’s pretty much confirmed Jay-Z “borrowed” Nas flow. Jay-Z used to have a fast, rapid delivery flow but like Jay-Z said.

Yeah I sampled your voice, you was using it wrong
You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song

With that said, I can listen to Nas’s older shit anytime. I eventually get tired of Jay-Z’s albums. I LOVE ’em when they first come out. Then after a month or so I grow tired of ’em. I never grow tired of Nas. So without further ado…Nas “One Mic”. It’s the beat that I love so much. The lyrics and flow is nothing to look past either. Love everything about it. I just feel like a new man after hearing it. Very calming…and yet so angry.

Nas – One Mic

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