…I just geeked out. Watched the third disc of Escaflowne. If it keeps going as is, it might actually get bought. I’m very picky on what anime I buy. Mostly due to cost, but anime is so diverse and most of it annoys the fuck out of me.

Right now, I only own 4 complete series. Berserk(great until the final disc), Trigun(fuckin’ awesome), Cowboy Bebop(Fuckin’ awesomer with a killer soundtrack), Neon Genesis Evangelion(good, but can be/is confusing) and one series I’ve yet to complete(but fully plan to) in Full Metal Alchemist. Only movies I really own are Studio Ghibli…loooove Hayao Miyazaki! Also have Wicked City(good, but not as into it as I was 10 years ago), Vampire Hunter D(love it), and Ninja Scroll(First anime I ever saw and bought it before I knew what good anime was).

Continuing with the geekfest, I read the first 2 volumes of Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan TPB and Spider Jerusalem is the coolest motherfucker ever. Just great stuff. An example of Spider’s eloquence with the english language…

Spider talking to the President…
“You’ve got your vote for hate, and I’ve got a column. And I’m not gonna rest until your raped, burned, castrated, and dog shit stuffed corpse is strung up in the middle of century square for the necrophile boys to play with”

Pure genius lol. His attack on religion was fuckin’ great and even profound in it’s own way. I want a Spider Jerusalem figure like yesterday.

and to end my geekfest, some Halo 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Overlord on my 360.

Now I’ve manned up, and currently watching Texas vs Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl.

  1. Allen says:

    Your post reminded me. I went to the movies with Cody last night and I saw an advertising poster of guess what movie? Prince Caspian! I was happy as hell but had to act non-chalant because I mean I would look pretty gay getting all excited about a new Narnia movie lol. I only let my excitement out when I first saw it. I accidently freaked out but then regained my composure. Hopefully they stick by the book completely this time.

  2. LilCube says:

    LMAO! I knew it was being done, but didn’t know it was this close. Just 5 days after my b-day. Gonna be a good year for movies.

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