Alienware is ass part deux!

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Published on: November 29, 2007

Well, as you may or may not know, I sent my computer in to be fixed. I also had a cracked case. The right hinge had snapped off shortly before it went kaput. Anyway, so I sent it in. They got it, but because the cracked case was due to my “negligence” they needed to contact me on whether I would pay for the repair of it. They called one time and we missed the call apparently. I finally called them to see what was up as it had been awhile. They apparently sat on my laptop for 4 days not doing anything. Not even looking at what might be wrong with it cuz they needed confirmation on if we were covering the costs for the damn casing. So we gave the go ahead and all was well…

…wrong! I got the laptop back about 4 days later. Casing fixed. Look at the invoice. No mention of any problem with the laptop other than the damn casing. I turn it on after we put the hard drives back in(they told us not to send them in) with trepidation. As suspected, they did nothing. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even look at it.

So we call them back. They want us to do the exact same troubleshooting we did on our initial call to them. We refused, we were upset…no pissed. We ask for someone in charge. Longer story, short. They want us to send it back in again, this time with the hard drives. I’m likely gonna lose everything on my hard drive. Luckily I backed it up quite often so won’t lose too much. It went back yesterday. Worse customer service EVAR!11!1!!!

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