Alienware is ass

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Published on: October 25, 2007

Well, my computer died on me last night. Locked up, then when I turn it on it freezes at the windows loading screen. Won’t boot in safe mode or from the disc either. So, it’s going in to be fixed tomorrow. Now I’m stuck on his ancient laptop that overheats. I get in about 10 minutes before it locks up. So I may not make a post everyday…I know, sad. My life is just so damn exciting, what will you do without me!? Alienware’s customer service is inept at it’s best. They had no clue what they were doing. Thank the deity of your choosing that I got a 3 year warranty. I think I’m going with Dell next time. Their support couldn’t be any worse.

That is all.

  1. Allen says:

    well if it helps any I ran out of fuckin disk space on mine yesterday. I was putting on the shows you gave me and ran out. I had to delete some pictures and a couple software so I could get them on there and I still didn’t get all of them on there. I didn’t even think I was close to running out. I still need to put that file converter on there too so that means I’m gonna have to delete more stuff.

  2. LilCube says:

    It helps a little. They think it’s a hard drive problem, so I may lose everything on my hard drive including the comic con tickets. Luckily I have all my music and pictures on my media player. The pictures would’ve really killed me. The music is replaceable.

    Nerd wise, all my comics were backed up on my external hard drive 🙂

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