Braves not re-signing Andruw Jones…

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Published on: October 4, 2007

It figures, I’m finally gonna go to a Braves game and I won’t get to see my favorite player patrol the outfield. Braves made it official a few days ago that they wasn’t going to re-sign Andruw. I expected it, but doesn’t make it suck any less. Yeah, he had an abysmal year at the plate but still hit 26 homerun’s and nearly 100 R.B.I.’s and nobody does it better in CF imo. I have a feeling he’s gonna seriously step it up for whatever team gets him next year.

Luckily the Mets and Phillies are set at CF. Looks like the Marlin’s could use a CF though…lucky for the Braves the Marlins are cheap and won’t be able to afford Andruw. How odd would that be though? Andruw Jones a Marlin?

So who’s on deck to play CF for the Braves now? Willie Harris? That’s not a comforting thought. He stepped it up big this year but I have a feeling it was a fluke season. He’s a career .247 hitter. Gonna be strange not seeing Andruw in a Braves uniform next year.

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