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Published on: September 26, 2007


…and I’m indifferent. Awesome beginning, above average middle, horrible 3rd quarter, and an end that just sort of meanders along into absurdity. If I gather everything right. Deadpool is invincible. Has a healing factor that can regenerate him from just a hand, and Thanos has “gifted” him to everlasting life due to Deaths apparent love for Deadpool. The series “ends”, but it continues in another new(at the time) ongoing series titled Agent X. Which I also have. I’ll probably read it next. It’s only 15 issues. Afterwards I’m not sure. Maybe finish up Sandman. Will say Deadpool is easily in my top 3 comic character’s ever. Hell, he’s in my top 10 for this panel alone…

Funniest panel ever?

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