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Published on: September 24, 2007

Spoiler alert for tonights episode!!!!!


…or some such nonsense. The best show not called House has returned to TV and it was…ok. Loved that Takezo Kensei is a gaijin(foreigner) with no intention of being a “hero”. It’s amazing how history distorts reality…I’m looking at you Christopher Columbus! I think they brought Peter back too early, though it looks like he’s got amnesia, so that can be interesting especially with how he was found/revealed.

Maya & Alejandro Herrera

2 new Heroes were also revealed…well 3, but lets concentrate on twin brother and sister Maya Herrera and Alejandro Herrera. I have a feeling they’re gonna be critical in this season. Maya appears to be able to cause deadly disease. Though it’s clearly a power she can’t control nor wants. Her brother appears to be able to control her power. Well, not control, but when he’s around her she doesn’t kill people with her “gift”. The whole twin thing comes into effect there I’m guessin’.

Hiro still rocks and George Takei dying makes me sad.

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