Archos 605 WiFi 160 GB

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Published on: September 19, 2007

Got some time on my Archos player and it is glorious. Beautiful screen. Plays just about everything after you buy the two “optional” plugins. Was a few vids it couldn’t play. Not sure why. 1st season of “Extras” wouldn’t play at all. And any vids with a screen resolution 720 or higher won’t play due to it being “too big”. Only had one of those. Plays files with all these extensions – jpg, mp3, mpg, mp4, avi, divx, and wmv. Those are all the one’s I tried. Again, can’t do anything with the WiFi as there’s no hotspot anywhere near me. Should get to try it out when I go to the dentist in October. Needless to say I’m loving it.

Another cool thing is if you have a picture of the album in the same folder as the mp3’s it’ll show the picture of the album when it plays a song from it.

For example, I have my full cd’s in separate folders. In each folder(most of ’em) I have a photo of the album cover. Now if a song plays from a certain folder it’ll also display the cover art. Nothing ground-breaking, but pretty cool none the less. Money well wasted.

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